Dreamforce Keynote Speech Highlights

by Ellie

Dreamforce Keynote Speech Highlights

by Ellie

by Ellie

This year, Dreamforce saw a great turn out, with thousands turning up for the infamous opening keynote run by Co-CEO’s Marc Benioff and Keith Block. As predicted, there were various new releases and Salesforce enhancements, covering all clouds.

From new artificial intelligence advances through to new Trailhead apps, there was something new and exciting for every Salesforce enthusiast. Marc Benioff even managed to deal with an unexpected protester during the presentation, who he gave 30 seconds of “free speech” to.


Call Coaching

With Einstein Voice Calling, Salesforce now allows you to voice record calls, helping users perfect how they communicate with customers. Sales managers will now be able to have insight into how you are speaking to customers, advise on improvements and ensure the sales rep is getting the most out of every call.

It is also useful for understanding customer pain points, learning new things about your customers and how they behave to make future decisions. Research has shown that companies who adopt coaching methods have a rate 28% higher than those who don’t.

Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice uses cloud telephony, powered by Amazon Connect, to transcribe calls surfacing transcriptions in real-time and connecting them to Salesforce records. This speeds up the resolution for customers by 31 times.

The release highlights the new partnership between Amazon & Salesforce, which aims to use Amazon’s telephony skills and the intelligence from Salesforces Einstein. The telephony vendors deal with the call transcription and then Einstein reads this and provides the best next steps in real-time.

Trailhead Go

Trailhead Go is the new Trailhead app created to enable Salesforce training on the go. This allows users to learn more about the platform, enhance their skills or learn new ones wherever they are, on their phone or tablet. This new announcement is guaranteed to become a useful tool, especially for those who travel a lot and use their mobiles often.

This app has been created by both Salesforce and Apple, who have teamed up to provide productivity. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple commented his “confidence in the growth trajectory for enterprise apps built on Apple-Salesforce partnership platform is sky-high.”

Customer-360 Truth

Following on from Salesforce acquiring MuleSoft last year, the Customer-360 has advanced even more by creating the “Customer-360 Truth Profile.” The main aim of this innovative advancement is to collect as much data on each customer as possible by integration. Data coming from multiple different sources are transformed from Input ID’s into Customer ID’s, helping to generate a clearer view of each customer.

This upgrade will be free for all users and guaranteed to help improve the relationship between companies and customers.