How Salesforces acquisition of Mulesoft has affected customers

by Ellie

How Salesforces acquisition of Mulesoft has affected customers

by Ellie

by Ellie

Last year, Salesforce acquired MuleSoft, a leading platform for building applications. MuleSoft’s Any-point Platform was acquired to help power the Salesforce Integration Cloud, and enable all enterprises to surface their data.

MuleSoft provides one of the world’s leading platforms for building application networks that connect enterprise apps, data and devices, across any cloud and on-premise. At the time of acquiring Mulesoft, many Salesforce customers were sceptical and unsure whether Mulesoft would fit with the company, causing an immediate 5% drop in Salesforces stock. Despite uncertainty, MuleSoft has brought more success to Salesforce and increased long term growth within the company.

Why MuleSoft?

  • Universal Connectivity
  • Robust Functionality
  • Flexible & Future – Proof Architecture

Over the past 18 months, MuleSoft has allowed Salesforce users to access data wherever it lives within the Salesforce ecosystem. This partnership has created an API-centric, service orientated model for Salesforce, creating the ideal model for managing integration.


Benefits to Salesforce Users

    • Improving the Customer-360

Following on from Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce announced a focus on “Customer-360” and creating the best possible user experience for customers when using Salesforce. Since acquiring Mulesoft, Salesforce has experienced greater capabilities for customers and as a result, higher customer satisfaction. Mulesoft increases Salesforce’s ability to help customers integrate with systems outside of Salesforce, connecting into other systems that touch the customers.

    • Digital Transformation

The combination of Salesforce capabilities with the richer integration tools from MuleSoft, means more focus can be put on building innovative products and accelerate growth and time-to-market. Acquiring MuleSoft, has caused the speed data moves from different systems into Salesforce to increase, improving efficiency and productivity.


    • Increasing Developer Productivity

MuleSoft promotes re-usability and collaboration, reducing the time Developers have to spend writing code. Given how APIs can handle common tasks, and can even handle not-so-common tasks, APIs can minimise application development time from months, or even years, to weeks.