Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Highlights

by Ellie

Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Highlights

by Ellie

by Ellie

With Spring ’20 release now globally available to all Salesforce customers. We have compiled some interesting and useful highlights

  • Manage tasks using queues

  • Help agents manage tasks using Einstein Article Recommendations

  • Re-order sections in your community with Flexible Layouts

  • Clone Opportunities with all related data

  • Support customers via Whatsapp, without a third party application

  • Within communities create and modify reports with the New Report button

Sales Cloud

Task Queues

A much needed feature that customers have been waiting for was the ability to place Tasks in a Queue. Salesforce has listened and has delivered this feature as part of the Spring ’20 Release.

Sales reps can now share their workload by creating specific task queues to enhance business processes and improve efficiency. Just like existing queue functionality, members of the queue can view and manage tasks via list views.

Clone Opportunities with Related Records

Salesforce users when cloning an opportunity record have sometimes required the need to clone the related records as well. Unfortunately, outside an apex code solution, Salesforce did not provide this functionality.

This valuable feature is now available for users who are faced with cloning opportunity records with many related contact roles, products, or product line item records.

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Einstein Article Recommendations

Salesforce continues to improve it’s AI and business intelligence offering with its natural language processing (NLP) engine feature called Einstein Article Recommendations.

Einstein Article Recommendation works by suggesting the best knowledge articles to agents based on case data across SMS, chat, and other channels. Einstein Article Recommendations are easy to set up with out-of-the-box components for fast time-to-value.

Digital Engagement: Messaging for Whatsapp

Companies can now have efficient two-way coversations with the 1.6 billion Whatsapp users. Customers are able to contact your support centre via Whatsapp, without needing to utilise a third party application.

Agents can be more productive by handling more complex conversations simultaneously and have the ease of using template notifications to customers, such as appointment updates or shipment notifications.


Flexible Layouts

In Lightning communities, you can now reorder sections in your flexible layout pages by dragging them to the desired location. Previously, users were only able to add sections, without dragging and re-ordering the item.

Report Builder for Lightning Components

Create, delete, and edit reports directly from your community with the New Report Button. The main aim of this is to enable users to easily navigate from one page, creating a more efficient process. To access this feature, navigate to the Report List page in your community.

Lightning Report Builder is available in the following community templates:
Build Your Own
Customer Account Portal
Customer Service
Partner Central