Creating a single view of the applicant




Creating a single view of the applicant




by Laura Tattersall

NMITE is a Higher Education Institution based in Herefordshire, delivering courses across a variety of engineering disciplines. The rapidly expanding institutions’ aim is to streamline and digitise its internal processes to increase efficiency across the board.

In 2022, NMITE replaced their existing CRM with Salesforce to help with recruitment and admissions. The team at NMITE were looking for a solution to help improve communication between internal teams and understand and improve the customer journey, from initial enquiry through to student acceptance.

New enquiries were coming in from seven different lead sources and distributed to various teams across the institution. One of the main aims of this project was to pull all the data together, improve lead nurturing and monitoring to ensure leads weren’t lost and develop automation meaning leads were followed up effectively and consistently.

As a new institution, tracking lead source vs marketing spend was vital for NMITE. Our expert consultants at NimbusPoint helped them achieve their aims.

The Goal: Streamline internal systems and create a single view of the applicant

The NimbusPoint Solution

As part of the discovery stage, our consultants identified a number of requirements required to help NMITE achieve their goals. These included a central repository to maintain student leads, enquiries, and applications, and a streamlined process from enquiry through to application, that was standardised across the institution.

The seven-month project included our team implementing Sales Cloud, EDA (Education Data Architecture) and connecting NMITE’s existing Mailchimp email marketing service. The project created a much more user-friendly process meaning all departments could see every student’s interaction throughout the application process and data wasn’t siloed across different systems causing duplications. By looking at each student’s interaction with NMITE, we could create bespoke marketing journeys, meaning all communications were personalised to each student and sent at the right time through the channel they would most likely engage with.

The project was a great success, and the team are already discussing next steps to help NMITE achieve their strategic goals.

“NimbusPoint clearly understood our requirements and worked closely with various members of the team to build and configure a solution that has enabled us to manage our enquiries and recruitment more effectively. Hattie and Samantha were a pleasure to work with and we have continued to work with NimbusPoint to help and support with other Salesforce projects at NMITE. ”

Owen Parry, IT Architect,  NMITE

A system that provides a 360° view of applicants

Streamlined enquiry process to improve the customer journey and enable lead nurturing

Improved internal communication between departments

Reports and dashboards provide at-a-glance view of enquiry through to application

The Result: Full visibility of pre-enrolled students

With the previous CRM, the lack of visibility of pre-enrolled Students was an admin-heavy headache. The implementation of Salesforce’s EDA provides NMITE the perfect balance of easy access to their data alongside comprehensive analytical tools. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to help NMITE to achieve this transparency of students throughout their applications process.

Hattie Nash, Salesforce Consultant at NimbusPoint

Quick Facts: The Challenge, Solution and Results

  • Improve efficiency in the recruitment and admissions department
  • Reduce the amount of lost leads 
  • No single view of the applicant
  • Improve transparency of the customer journey from initial enquiry to application 
  • No ROI metrics 
  • Data in siloed systems
  • Seven-month project with 1 month support afterwards 
  • Implementation of Sales Cloud and EDA (Education Data Architecture) 
  • Salesforce linked to existing Mailchimp email marketing service 
  • Improvements to the account and address model to include multiple addresses for a single view of the applicant and their parents/guardians 
  • Guide to mass-importing data effectively  
  • Single view of the applicant 
  • Tracking in place to analyse each lead source and report on profitability 
  • Ability to nurture all leads, 0% of leads are now lost 
  • Streamlined internal processes throughout recruitment and admissions departments 
  • Improved communications at every student interaction