We are Verticalising!

by Ellie

We are Verticalising!

by Ellie

by Ellie

At NimbusPoint, our team have been working hard to align our services to industry verticals.

Leaning on our industry knowledge, expertise and experiences, gained over the many years of working with Salesforce, we now offer dedicated solutions to businesses.

We understand no two businesses are alike. Tailoring our industry-specific solutions to your business, we ensure best practises are developed to overcome barriers to your growth and success.

Our website showcases a range of customer success stories detailing how we have helped businesses achieve results on the Salesforce platform. To find out about further success stories please contact us!



Manufacturers gain a 360-degree real time view into Customer engagement. Enabling a single view of all your Customer and Partner accounts, insights are now clearer and interaction across 3rd parties seamless.

Engagement across the entire Customer journey is tracked with pipeline opportunity and project information readily available. Forecasting and demand planning is made easier.

We work with multiple businesses within the world of manufacturing and continue to see our customers success on the Salesforce platform.

Financial Services

Right from the advisor home page you can access all the information you need, staying on top of everything, with organised lists compiled from your leads and opportunities. From a streamlined on-boarding process to rich profiles on your clients including financial accounts, there is now full visibility into all your client information.

Specialists in delivering numerous Salesforce integrations for Financial Services clients, we have the capability to integrate a seamless system. Integration with back-end trading platforms, and implementation of a branded Community, allows your customers to engage with you even further.

Whether you work in wealth management, investment banking, insurance or capital markets, we have the experience to create customised solutions.


From learning consumer preferences, to tracking and gaining customer advocates, Salesforce for media is a great tool to improve your customer relationships.

We have extensive experience with multiple media businesses, showcasing our knowledge. With expertise in developing Salesforce for digital, print, onsite advertisement & sponsorship, with Customers benefiting from a tailored solution providing metrics for growth.


As a result of ever-growing data bases, telecommunications companies see frequent changes which require an up to date system. Salesforce for telecommunications creates an accurate, full view of each customer, enabling a personalised service.

From experience, we understand no two businesses are the same, and as a result we can offer bespoke packages to meet your specific requirements.  Telecommunications needs a niche approach and we offer this. Discover how we have helped other similar businesses accomplish their goals!


Improve your overall sales and customer experience through using Salesforce! One to one engagement through the correct channel is one way Salesforce helps businesses create a personalised touch to their customer services. We understand each requirement and can help achieve your desired goals!