Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce for Nonprofits

by Laura Tattersall

Our mission is to help nonprofit organisations to use technology to overcome challenges. Together with Salesforce we can help improve efficiencies, increase engagement and give you a 360-degree view of all programs and initiatives.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM provider in the world with over 40,000 nonprofit and education institutions using it. With Salesforce’s Power of Us program, nonprofit organisations are given their first 10 licenses for free and can also access various discounts on Salesforce products and services.  

We know one size doesn’t fit all so we offer a bespoke solution to improve a number of areas including fundraising, volunteer management, applications and grant management and marketing engagement. Contact us for more information on how we can help, and the discounts we offer nonprofit organisations.  

You can use Salesforce to improve the conversion rate of your doners and increase your fundraising. Capture data to build stronger relationships with your supporters, and increase doner subscriptions via effective communications and engagement. 

You can segment your supporters and target them with bespoke communications based on their level of communication with your organisation. Salesforce gives you a full view of your fundraising, donations and supporters, giving you better insight to raise more funds.  

Track, manage, and coordinate volunteers using Salesforce. Ensure volunteers have a good experience by matching jobs with their skills and availability. Stay connected by sending reminder emails for upcoming shifts and follow-up with how their time made a difference. Additionally, with a calendar that displays opportunities right on your website, you put the power of connecting with your mission in their hands. 

With Marketing Cloud, you can build relationships with your supporters with personalised campaigns across email, mobile or through advertising. Identifying channels that bring in the most engagement and using this insight to personalise interactions to supporters, to get them involved with fundraising projects.  

Measure and manage programmes more effectively with Salesforce Manage large caseloads and personalise all your communications with Nonprofit Cloud Case Management. Service providers can track intake, referrals, clients, services, case plans, notes, incidents and assessments and better understand which initiatives and interventions are most successful. Giving you the ability to prioritise those with urgent needs to shape and improve all services and activities, and help ensure your campaigns reach their goals. The client portal is accessible from anywhere and gives access to information relevant to each organisation, communicating directly about their case in a simple, straightforward way.  

Simplify the entire grant making process from prospecting to proposal with Salesforce. Manage the full grant making lifecycle in one place, connect grants and programs in one system to improve transparency. Salesforce gives you solutions for grants management, communications and grantee engagement including a grantee online portal and full reporting capabilities.  

Salesforce Products

Build a complete programme management solution. Nonprofit Cloud enables organisations to manage their programmes more effectively to amplify programme impact.  

The platform that drives relationships, fundraising and doners. Pre-built apps, drag and drop tools and low-code web tools to help you grow.

Creating a single 360-degree view of organisations, services and programmes. 

A tool to help manage volunteer events and people. From managing volunteers, jobs, shifts, and hours, it allows Nonprofits to track and report on all the data as well as allow public signups on a website. 

A powerful marketing toolkit to optimise every stage of the funnel. Speak to your organisations at the right time, in the right way with the right message.  

A solution for Nonprofits who disburse awards and grants to track their funding programmes and requests, gain insight on financial commitments and manage disbursements.  

Meet the Nonprofit team

Our expert consultants have years of experience delivering complex projects for Nonprofits.

Meet the team to see who might be working on your project.

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Nonprofit Cloud Certified Consultant

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Business Development Director

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Business Solution Engineer

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Project & Resource Manager

Our Clients

Read how we helped The Skinners' Company streamline their grant management process.

The Skinners’ Company wanted to use Salesforce to consolidate its grant making processes into a single, common platform, utilising the one database structure, but to continue to provide both a global and local view across each foundation and respective committee.