Enhance the customer support experience

Service Cloud

Enhance the customer support experience

Service Cloud

by bash
Salesforce Service Cloud provides an all in one cloud solution that can integrate with all your customer data from call centres, sales data, communities and internal systems, allowing you to respond to your customers with a personalised experience.

When customers engage with your business for support cases, the expectation of the level of service is high. One where the customer service is expecting an almost instant response, well within agreed SLA’s and through non traditional channels. Today your customers are looking beyond just a phone call or an email, they are on social media and expect online chat to provide answers without waiting.

The Salesforce Service Cloud accesses the same central customer data that your Sales team is updating, and information is accessible in real-time no matter where you are. They can see the full 360 degree holistic picture of your customers, including previous calls, emails and all customer information. This empowers your front line staff to give your customers the exceptional service that they demand.

Best of all Service cloud is easy to use and can be deployed out of the box relatively quickly.

How we can deliver Service Cloud into your business?

  • Identify key customer communication channels
  • Build support processes for case types
  • Build concise interfaces pulling in relevant customer data
  • Build alerts for unattended cases
  • Build out SLA complaint processes to ensure you achieve timely responses
  • Build out detailed knowledge and articles databases to support your staff
  • CTI Integration with your telephony system

Let us help you increase customer satisfaction!

Case Management

Resolve cases faster by combining streamlined processes with easy access to the full details, context, and history of every case and customer interaction.

Knowledge Articles

Drive quick case resolution and maximize agent productivity with recommended articles and optimized article search.

Dedicated Case Interface

Put productivity tools like macros, keyboard shortcuts, and ready-to-use templates at your agents fingertips along with a 360-degree view of every customer.