Intelligent B2B lead journey nurturing


Intelligent B2B lead journey nurturing


by bash
Pardot helps your business align sales and marketing teams by automating B2B marketing.

Pardot allows your sales and marketing teams to automate common marketing tasks, yet intelligently nurture leads to progress through your sales funnel.

A rich set of features from email campaigns with custom landing pages to full integration back into your Salesforce CRM reporting and dashboards giving you a full view of your pipeline. The ease of use allows your team to build beautiful looking email templates and landing pages with a simple to use interface.

Leads can be prioritised by implementing your own lead scoring calculation to ensure your team makes the best use of their time with prospects to increase your sales revenue. Using the score each lead is treated accordingly by automation and dynamic content, ensuring your prospects receive a personalised experience and feel fully engaged.

With all marketing activity related back into your customers through tightly coupled integration with your Salesforce CRM solution, your Sales teams have the full 360-degree view of your customer interaction. The Salesforce drag and drop report builder empowers your marketing and sales teams.

With a rich set of standard features, your team can be set up and running in no time at all.

How we can help your sales and marketing teams implement Pardot?

  • Workshop to capture your business proceses
  • Design and plan Pardot campaigns
  • Design and build in automation in nurture journeys
  • Build and design static and dynamic lists
  • Build customised email templates
  • Build customised landing pages with custom fields
  • Build lead scoring model
  • Setup connector to sync Pardot and Salesforce CRM
  • Setup and configure engagement history
  • Build key reports and dashboards

Personalise your prospects' engagement journey

B2B Prospect Nurturing

Manage your customers’ journey on long engagement journeys, with tailored interactions on each step. Build out automated actions to direct prospects personal to them.

Email Campaign Management

Build customised email templates with dynamic content with the ability to import custom HTML, or use the supplied standard templates.

Landing Pages & Forms

Build forms using customised layout templates to use on Pardot landing pages, or embed within your own website with generated code.

Lead Scoring & Managment

Build custom scoring and grading to measure the interest of the prospect in your services and your interest in the prospect. Create static and dynamic lists to manage and track the prospects.

Salesforce CRM Synchronisation

Synchronise captured prospect data from landing pages to Salesforce CRM. Link Pardot campaign to Salesforce campaigns in a 1-to-1 relationship.

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Reporting within Pardot, and advanced reporting via Salesforce integration making use of Salesforce’s p[owerful drag and drop report builder. Build customised dashboards.