Whether you require an out of the box vanilla CRM solution or a bespoke complex implementation, NimbusPoint are well positioned to deliver the right solution for your business. We work in a clear methodical manner, working with you every step of the way to implement a Salesforce solution that is tailored perfectly for your business.



We understand no two implementations are alike – each implementation is unique and tailored to your business and way of working.  Our talented group of Consultants will work closely with your business team, review requirements and architect a solution which works for you.

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Customised Development


Where your business processes require advanced development outside of that offered through standard functionality, NimbusPoint Technical Development Teams are at hand to assist.  Using features available through your Salesforce licence, our technical experts are armed with the skills to customise Salesforce exactly how you need. Whether you need triggers, custom buttons or unique automated processes configured we have in-house expertise that will get the job done.

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Mobile Development


With the advances in Salesforce, ability to build mobile applications on the Salesforce platform are becoming increasingly popular.  Our Salesforce consultants, both on-shore and near-shore, are technically minded to guide you on the design, and build, of any custom mobile application connecting you to your customers.

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Once you have Salesforce working for your business, chances are you could have back-end applications to assist in connecting to Salesforce.  Salesforce integration will provide users with a consolidated Customer view on a single platform, allowing business critical Customer information to be shared across your Salesforce users.  The NimbusPoint Technical Team will architect the best solution and provide seamless integration with back-end applications.

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Accelerator Packages


NimbusPoint Accelerator Packages are designed to help customers who are new to the Salesforce platform get up & running and using it within a matter of days.  Accelerator Packages are designed to focus on 1 or 2 key business processes and deliver an immediate ROI.

Our Consultants will work closely with you, including a tailored configuration to meet specific business needs and provide the necessary training to set everything up promptly within a matter of days to allow you to access the platform with comfort.

Our Accelerator Packages include:

  • Design Workshop with key users
  • Configuration & Build
  • Validation & Review Sessions
  • Training & Support

Accelerator Packages are aimed at customers who are looking to implement their first CRM or those who have a basic CRM already in place and are looking to migrate onto the Salesforce platform.

In either case, our consultants have the experience to transition you onto Salesforce efficiently and with ease.

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Pardot Marketing Automation


Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution which enables your Sales and Marketing teams to work as a single, cohesive unit.  Featuring CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, and closed-loop ROI reporting, Pardot helps Marketing and Sales to align their efforts and generate an increase in volume of quality Leads.

With both Marketing and Sales tools on a single platform, Pardot provides complete visibility into how prospects are interacting with your business and turns them into customers quickly. Additional benefits include:

  • Prospect Activity Tracking and Lead Nurturing
  • Advanced email Marketing with ability to personalize emails
  • Greater ‘sales’ transparency and aids calculating Marketing ROI
  • Helps accelerate sales pipeline

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Not for Profits


Salesforce for Non-profit organisations provides a unified view of all 3rd party interactions.  Whether you’re trying to better engage with your Sponsors or Fund Raisers, or simply connect your entire non-profit activities to Programmes, Events, Volunteers and Awards – NimbusPoint can help.  We have worked with several organisations helping to provide a single, unified view of activities and interactions to provide information on events they have organised.

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Whether you are new to Salesforce or simply require some additional training, NimbusPoint can offer training to suit your specific end-user needs.  Our Consultants will work closely with your team to understand their challenges and address these through a comprehensive training programme.  Training is onsite, and interactive, with bespoke training packs covering topics relevant to your Salesforce setup.



Need a specific package to support your instance?  From a few hours to several days over the year, NimbusPoint can offer bespoke, cost effective support packages for your business needs.

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