Empower your sales team to achieve targets

Sales Cloud

Empower your sales team to achieve targets

Sales Cloud

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No matter the size of your company, all sales reps share one common goal — the desire to be a top performer. Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your staff help your business achieve sales success.

Are you tracking your pipeline successfully? Salesforce Sales Cloud will help your business track your sales opportunities, giving a complete view of your customer and all activity taking place on all deals. Capture and track all key data from opportunity value, sales stage, customer industry, product type size by by and quotes.

With powerful real-time reporting and dashboards, track your sales pipeline by company, sales teams or individual sales rep. Flag up deals that are not being closed or are neglected or stuck in your pipeline.

This is just a high level introduction to how the Sales Cloud can benefit your business and sales team. Contact us to learn more.

How NimbusPoint can deliver Sales Cloud into your business?

  • Build tangible key stages in your sales processes
  • Add percentages for each sales stage to help your forecast efficiently
  • Help you build easily accessible product price books
  • Capture key information for all your sales opportunities
  • For each sales stage add context help text guiding your reps at each stage in sales cycle
  • Build out automated workflow and alerts to inform you of key events your sales opportunity
  • Build out key real-time sales reports and dashboards

Let us help you increase customer satisfaction!

Lead Management

Capture lead information, lead scoring and activity,  nurturing them to successfully converted opportununities.

Account & Contact Management

Manage all your customer information. Identify leading customers and any neglected accounts to help increase sales.

Opportunity Management

Keep on top of all your pipeline and sales opportunities. Track key deals and ensure you have the full picture to successfully close win.