Salesforce for Media

Salesforce for Media

by Laura Tattersall

At NimbusPoint we have experience developing Salesforce for Media organisations across the UK, we can help empower your team and improve efficiency across your business, while lowering costs. From sales, customer service, events and finance, Salesforce gives one you one single 360-degree view of your entire business. The interactive dashboards allow you to track your contributions and costs against each project and produce real-time reports on which are the most profitable 

Our expert consultants can provide solutions to break down silos in your teams, access growth opportunities built with agility in mind and leverage powerful data to deliver content directly to your customers. Accelerating growth and increasing loyalty to give you and your team an even stronger understanding of your target audience. 

With Salesforce you can create a seamless, personalised sales process and customer buying experience to convert more prospects to sales. Sales Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of your target audience, giving you the tools and insight to increase conversion rates and drive strategic growth. Having full view of your sales pipeline data gives your sales and business development teams sight of every step of the sales journey, giving them the tools to tweak their approach to better suit your customer and improve their experience 

Salesforce allows you to drastically improve your engagement by delivering personalised bespoke communications to all customers, whether they’re prospects, loyal customers or part of your retention strategy. You can use this insight to create a truly customer centric business model and put your valued customer at the heart of everything you do.   

With Salesforce you can easily manage your publications including advertising space, sponsorship, content and content contributors. You can track the publication from conception to release, giving a single view of every stage of the process and who and when certain teams, writers and third parties need to contribute. This full view includes insight into operations at either a high level or granular detail, looking at costs and return on investment by each piece of content. 

You can manage all your events using Salesforce in one centralised location, this includes event bookings, attendees and follow up. Set automations for every stage of the event process including planning, registrations, budget management, scheduling, event feedback and overall analysis. You can link your events to your prospects and leads, enabling you to analyse the return on investment for every event easily.  

Salesforce Products

Track and monitor every customer’s sales journey from start to finish in one place. A single view of each customer means your team can focus on the lead, not lengthy administration tasks. With Sales Cloud you can easily set up real-time reports keeping you regularly updated on each stage of the lead and accurate forecasting and reporting gives you the information needed to make critical decisions and hit targets. 

Service Cloud gives you a single view of all customer cases across all channels, meaning you can see all customer details on one screen including account information, case history and purchasing history. 

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