Salesforce for Education

Salesforce for Education

by Laura Tattersall

At NimbusPoint we understand the importance of technology in higher education. We understand how invaluable it can be, but we also understand the frustrations when it goes wrong. Our aim is to help make everything easier using the worlds #1 CRM platform. From student engagement, programme management, recruitment and admissions, through to finance reporting, we want to help empower higher education staff with Salesforce, tailoring solutions to provide one single 360-degree view of the student.  

Experts in Salesforce and have over 15 years’ experience of helping education institutions, we help achieve success through achieving digital transformation goals. Our expert consultants come from education backgrounds so they know first-hand the difficulties learning institutions face.

Keep reading to discover the products we use to achieve your goals, the team who will make those goals happen and the institutions we’ve already worked with.  

Education Data Architecture (EDA) is a data model designed for Higher Education Institutions such as Universities. It provides a framework for the Salesforce Org and a common structure which can be customised and personalised to suite specific needs.

Solutions built on EDA share the same open, flexible, and extendable framework for a range of recruitment and admissions use cases and end-user customisation. EDA also comes with pre-configured objects, logic and functionality, and automation tailored for education out of the box. EDA’s Application object makes it possible to track information about prospective students applications to your institution from submission through to decision. This makes requirements such as reporting on the characteristics of your applicant pool much easier. 

For more information on EDA take a look at the EDA entity relationship diagram.

Salesforce’s marketing automation tools automate activities important to daily student engagement, such as emails, social posts, and forms. Salesforce has two options for marketing automation: Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Regardless of which you use, Salesforce marketing automation makes interactions with students more personalised and dynamic.  

A K-12 school and district specific expansion is available for EDA-enabled Salesforce orgs, called the K-12 Architecture Kit. This is a single architecture built on top of the Education Data Architecture that allows everyone—educators, staff, and families—to work better together by connecting people, processes, and data.  Pre-configured K-12 specific relevant objects are installed with the K-12 architecture kit, such as objects to track behaviour and attendance events. 

Education Data Architecture (EDA) makes use of custom objects like relationships and affiliations, to track all kinds of connections. These connections make it simple to drive constituent engagement and understand the alumni base of an institution. Affiliations are able to identify the specific experience a person had while attending an institution, as well as the employers and organisations an alum connects to after graduation; see which clubs an individual participated in, which sports they played, where they work now, what type of work they do, and so on. This paired together with Experience Cloud provides the perfect toolset for an institution to keep its alumni engaged. 

To provide institutions with the necessary tools for student support, Salesforce has designed the Student Success Hub, built on Education Data Architecture. This helps educational institutions deliver holistic support by connecting students with the services they need.  Salesforce recognises that the needs and experiences of students in K-12 and higher education are different. Therefore, Salesforce offer two customised editions of Student Success Hub, each tailored to the specialised tools and solutions students and staff require. 

Salesforce Products

Provides a framework for a universities Salesforce org and can be personalised and customised to unlock a 360-degree view of every student.

Helps deliver better student experiences and build efficient engagement strategies by creating one single view of the student.

A recruiting and admissions tool that streamlines application review, drives applicant engagement and facilitates collaboration across teams.

A managed package that includes K-12 Architecture Kit. It looks closely into the student experience and helps bring teams together to support the student

Delivers more efficient digital marketing and communications across your higher education institution.

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