Empower your team to deliver a better onsite appointment

Field Service Lightning

Empower your team to deliver a better onsite appointment

Field Service Lightning

by bash
Salesforce FSL improves the efficiency of your field service operation providing a full 360 degree contextualised view of work orders for your office and mobile staff.

Salesforce FSL extends the Service Cloud to provide powerful features to manage mobile staff and their visibility to office staff and the customer.

FSL helps you manage a business dealing with complex work orders, which require the sharing of data across teams in real time, correct resource allocation, accurate scheduling and providing support to onsite staff.

Mobile staff can send and receive real-time data via the Salesforce mobile app, which can be customised to match your company branding. Office based staff can amend the schedule for mobile staff, which is accessible via the day schedule view. Visibility of customer data including service contracts and maintenance plans can also be delivered via the app.

With a rich set of standard features, your team can be set up and running in no time at all.

How we can deliver Salesforce FSL for your mobile team?

  • Help you map your work order business processes
  • Set up service regions to track where work can be performed
  • Help model and build out your workforce into service users and crews, by skill and level
  • Setup core operating hours for the regions and your workforce
  • Setup and management of every item in your inventory
  • Help understand and build out required work orders
  • Build out the required work order work types
  • Help build key field service reporting and dashboards
  • Help build out activity tracking

Deliver excellence in the field to your customers!

Work Order & Work Types

Manage all types of work orders down to line item detail. Set up customised delivery cycles and automation.

Service Regions

Establish and track service territories where specific teams perform specific work. Locations can be warehouses, vehicles, or sites holding inventory.

Manage & Track Your Workforce

Setup your workforce resources as individuals or teams, specialising in skills by level. These resources can be assigned to service appointments.

Time Tracking

Setup working hours specific to service territories and service resources, allowing timesheet tracking of resources.

Manage Your Inventory

Track every item in your inventory and it’s storage, requested or consumed status. Custom reporting can provide a detailed analysis of your inventory.

Field Service Reports

Salesforce reporting can provide powerful insights into all aspects of your field service operations. Report on work orders, work order line items to service appointments.