Quickly configure complex price & quotes for your customers

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Quickly configure complex price & quotes for your customers

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

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Salesforce CPQ empowers your staff to handle complex pricing, quoting and billing, for your customers with ease.

Salesforce CPQ allows you to deliver complex, tailored, and accurate quotes to your customers. Inefficient quoting can result in a sales pipeline becoming stagnant with deals not moving to a successful close. Sales staff can generate personalised detailed quotes with a simple click of a button.

Quotes generated by CPQ removes the element of human error and ensures improved accuracy. Reducing the amount of time spent creating complex contracts without losing the personal touch, your sales team can dedicate quality time nurturing new leads.

How we can deliver Salesforce CPQ into your business?

  • Help simplify the generating of quotes for complex deals
  • Implement price books with product bundles to allow multi-dimensional quoting
  • Help build automated proposal document generation
  • Build out order management with subscription and auto renewals
  • Bring together your sales and finance processes
  • Implement product and pricing rules
  • Build in discount controls
  • Build advanced approval rules
  • Build pricing, quoting and subscription analytics

Simplify complex tailored quoting for customers!

Price & Quote

Accurate consistent quotes with pricing and discounting. Comprehensive quotes always with the correct components present.

Orders & Renewals

Easy management of renewals, with automatic reordering improving processes for you and your customer base.

Product Configurator

Allow your sales team to build complex product quotes with ease with product bundles tailored for your customers.

Guided Selling

Streamline your sales process and help your sales team select the right products for your customers with customisable rules.

CPQ for Communities

Increase sales revenue by providing the CPQ functionality to your partners. Your partners can register sales leads and provide personalised quote from anywhere.