Bespoke tailoring complex requirements

Salesforce Customisation & Development

Bespoke tailoring complex requirements

Salesforce Customisation & Development

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Salesforce standard functionality can be extended using powerful declarative tools or programming tools on its platform.

The Salesforce Platform allows NimbusPoint to quickly build and deploy tailored solutions to complex requirements. The out of the box and powerful apex programming language allows us to build solutions that are secure and scalable without us having to worry about hardware stacks.

Should you need to integrate with onsite or third party platforms then the Salesforce Platform provides a public facing API which uses industry standard protocols. In addition, the lighnting platform provides responsive layouts, so you can build solutions that are mobile friendly from the off.

NimbusPoint Consultants can help extend and tailor Salesforce for you

  • Work with you on complex requirements to ensure delivery of correct solution
  • For simple logic use Process Builder and Workflow
  • Build extended automation using Flow
  • Experienced developers to code complex solutions in Apex, JavaScript and related technologies
  • Integrate with external systems using industry standard protocols
  • Develop on Lightning and the latest Salesforce platform technologies
  • Write test code, ensuring your solution maintains integrity to Salesforce standards
  • Work closely with you during testing to ensure required amendments are delivered
  • Deliver tailored training to end users on the delivered solution

No matter the complexity, let us develop the solution!

Declarative Tools

Quickly build solutions, using powerful out-of-box tools such as Process Builder, Workflow and Flow.

Programming Tools

Our software architects and developers utilise Apex and Lightning to deliver robust solutions to the most complex requirements.


Salesforce has the ability to integrate with any external platform using industry standard protocols. In turn Salesforce also has it’s own public facing API.