Salesforce CRM deployed across 20 countries in 18 months

Motion Picture Licensing Company



Salesforce CRM deployed across 20 countries in 18 months

Motion Picture Licensing Company



by Laura Tattersall

Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC) is a global copyright licensing company based in California. It enables organisations to legally show films and TV programmes intended for personal use, outside the home.

MPLC had deployed Salesforce CRM in Denmark, their next phase involved improving the existing processes and ensuring Salesforce was robust enough to cope with the demands of a multi-territory system. This included full integration of their new finance platform at the same time. MPLC’s existing CRM was slow and unreliable, they wanted an efficient, cloud-based solution to improve efficiencies globally.

The Goal: Salesforce CRM deployment to 20 different locations and integration of existing finance platform

The NimbusPoint Solution

 The team at NimbusPoint implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud across 20 locations, custom built for MPLC and standardised across every operating territory. Our expert consultants migrated over 7 million records from the existing CRM into Salesforce, integrated their finance platform and document generation solution, improving efficiency and consistency across all offices.

One of the main challenges for our team was the consolidation of requirements from all locations, all working in different time zones, with different ideas and ways of working. Bringing standardisation across the territories internally, but also giving the same customer experience no matter which location, was a new and exciting challenge for the team at NimbusPoint, one they relished getting their teeth into.

Our support throughout the project included training Salesforce ‘super users’, who entered a virtual classroom with our experts to ensure they understood all the capabilities available to them.

We never step completely away from a project, we want to empower our clients with Salesforce themselves, but are always on hand in the months, sometimes years after a project, for help and guidance should it be needed.

“NimbusPoint are a top-notch collaboration team who takes their job very seriously. Our teams work together to push a (what would seem) insurmountable deadline forward for a 20 country implementation in three months with little problems. I would recommend their services to anyone who appreciates hard work, honesty, and collaboration.” 

Stephanie Maldonado, Director of Operations, MPLC.

The Outcome

The project was a great success, initially an 18-month long implementation, was completed 6 months early. Each territory was onboarded 1 month at a time in a phased roll out, we originally gave 12 months for these phases, but instead consolidated it into 5 months. This approach minimised the business impact of migrating to a new system and ensured minimal disruption to financial reporting.  The standardisation across all territories gave a clear and concise customer interface, meaning no matter which country a customer was in, they’d receive the same level of service, every single time. Not to mention the improved internal efficiencies and a single, global view of all processes across the business.

The Salesforce implementation covered 20 locations, 148 license users, and over 7 million records to migrate. Our expert team are now working with MPLC to implement Pardot, giving MPLC lead management for B2B sales and marketing, enabling them to engage with customers from all locations, at the right time, with the right bespoke message.

A single global view of all processes across the business.

Migration of over 7 million records and integration of finance platform and document generation solution.

Clear, concise customer interface.

Improved internal efficiencies and reporting.

The Result: Salesforce CRM implemented and deployed across 20 countries 6 months early

“MPLC required a robust Salesforce solution that would allow them to grow to meet the needs of their international business. With multiple different territories, ways of working and languages to consider, Salesforce allowed us to build an intuitive user interface and streamline the sales process. It’s been a pleasure supporting MPLC as they continue to grow with Salesforce.

– Sam Mera, Senior Salesforce Consultant at NimbusPoint

Quick Facts: The Challenge, Solution and Results

  • Deploying Salesforce CRM in 20 different locations
  • Managing 20 different stakeholders in 20 different time zones, each with unique processes
  • Integrating into their finance platform
  • Create a more user-friendly application
  • Required a scalable solution
  • Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot with finance integration
  • Document generation across multiple documents
  • Standardisation across 20 locations
  • Simplified process for sales
  • Clear and concise customer interface
  • Training and support from the team at NimbusPoint
  • Salesforce for CRM deployed across 20 countries in 18 months. Deployed 6 months early
  • Successful data migration of over 7 million records from existing CRM
  • Standardisation of processes across 148 licenses users
  • Improved sales reporting