Company Days 2018

by bash

Company Days 2018

by bash

by bash

After working hard for our wonderful customers, our consultants deserve a little break too. This was our first year in arranging company days for our amazing staff in both the UK and Croatia… here’s what happened… Enjoy….

This year our UK staff spent the day at the beautiful Camp Hill Estate in Bedale , whilst our Croatian staff attended the Sherwood Forest adventure park in Zagreb!

UK Company Day Out!

After an early coach ride from Leeds, consisting of lots of early morning banter and competitive spirit… the tone was set, for what turned out to be a fantastic day. Camp Hill Estate is located in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. and the day began with a bacon roll and coffee to get us ready for the activities that lay ahead.

Split up into three teams, the competitiveness amongst the opposing teams geared up for a variety of activities including; racing buggies, low ropes, swing bridge, plane crash, powerturm slalom, and the minefield. The range of activities tested our teams to the max.

It was a great day which ended on a high with Team 2 – Winforce, taking the spoils. and everyone relaxing to enjoy the BBQ and a few beers/soft drinks afterwards!

Croatia Day Out

This October saw our Croatian Office have their day out in Zagreb at an adventure park called Sherwood Forest. Our Croatian team was joined by Andy Wood and Annabelle Normington from the UK Office!

The day begun early at 9 am where everyone enjoyed breakfast, preparing themselves for a day full of blood, sweat and tears! The first activity was laser tag matches and as you can see from the pictures it was taken very seriously!

Congratulations to the Yellow team for winning!

The weather could not have been better, making the day even more enjoyable. A break provided the team some time to recharge, relax and enjoy a great homemade BBQ. It was the perfect boost to keep everyone going for some archery and zip lining which followed later on in the afternoon.

Everyone had a great time and we all look forward to more company days out in the future! Here’s are some photos of both days, see if you can spot some of our Consultants who have worked on your projects!