Dreamforce 2018, Some Highlights

by bash

Dreamforce 2018, Some Highlights

by bash

by bash

Dreamforce 2018 saw over 171,000 attendees pile into the city of San Francisco, bringing spirit and communities together throughout the four-day convention

This year saw the events largest ever turnout, as new exciting collaborations and products were announced.

  • Salesforce Customer 360

    – Deliver a 360 degree view of each individual customer

  • Salesforce and Apple

    – A new strategic partnership to empower both developers and customers

  • Einstein Voice

    – Talk to Salesforce’s artificial intelligence

Salesforce Customer 360

Following this year’s Dreamforce, Salesforce have announced a new cross-cloud technology initiative which aims to connect and manage customer data more efficiently across the Salesforce app. Part of the customer success platform, the customer 360 will connect all the clouds together. Despite 70% of customers admitting they believe connected experiences are very important to winning their businesses, there are still far too many disconnected experiences. The Salesforce customer 360 aims to eliminate this issue by providing a single representation of customer data for connected systems. This new and exciting technology will be available to customers in 2019. Salesforce 360 collects information and maps customer profiles and presents it in one clear view. Customer 360 then assigns a unique ID to each person, so overtime records can be collected from various systems, and will then be presented in a uniform clear way.

Customer 360 for B2B

The customer 360 benefits business to business marketing by:

    • Making it easier for marketers to see how their campaigns turn into leads, opportunity, pipeline and sales.
    • Enabling sales reps to see support cases before a meeting and allowing them to see open sales opportunities


Click-based UI for app and data management – This enables admins to see trusted connections between Salesforce apps and orgs, restore data across clouds and create a canonical data model which will provide a single representation of customer data.

Reconciled 360 ID and profile across apps – A single ID assigned to each customer will help recognise the customer across various platforms. This allows employees to pull out specific information on a customer whenever they need it.

Pre-built packages for service, marketing and commerce – these allow companies to move experiences for the most common use cases.

Apple and Salesforce

Dreamforce 2018 has introduced new products, changes and announced a new strategic partnership with Salesforce and Apple. This will be bringing together the world’s number one CRM platform and IOS. This new strategy is mainly focusing on: native Salesforce IOS apps for business, empowering Salesforce developers on IOS and Accelerating developer learning and career growth. The new partnership will be providing tools and resources for millions of Salesforce developers to build their own native apps.

Native Salesforce IOS apps for business

Redesign of the new Salesforce app giving customers exclusive experience on IOS device. Unique Apple capabilities: Siri Shortcuts, Face ID, Business Chat and more.

Empowering Salesforce developers on IOS

The first Salesforce mobile SDK that is optimized for SWIFT, with modern programming language. This will enable businesses and users to build and use apps on an IOS device on the Salesforce lightning platform.

Accelerating developer learning and career growth

Supporting developer learning and career growth. Apple are launching a new Get started with IOS app development trail.

Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice assist is a new feature of Salesforce, and by using artificial intelligence it is now possible for you to talk to Salesforce. Just like Siri you can ask Salesforce to do something. Instead of having to type out long documents you can speak, and the app will write it out for you. From this note you can click on “Einstein analyse” which will send the document to Einstein. Einstein will then pick up key information and draw other records and data you need or may find useful; from opportunity records through to contact records. This is available for everyone who has the Salesforce mobile app. Users can command account updates directly to the Salesforce Mobile App. Einstein will then use this data to update Salesforce records, efficiently and as accurately as it would be inputted manually.