Free Integration User Licenses

by Laura Tattersall

Free Integration User Licenses

by Laura Tattersall

by Laura Tattersall

Salesforce have announced a new type of license that you can assign to users, the Salesforce Integration User License, and it’s available now. It’s specifically designed for system-to-system integrations as it only provides API access. Each org will have access to 5 of these licenses for free. Taking advantage of these free licenses means you can free up some of your existing licenses by migrating some users to the new license. This will make better use of your existing licenses by allocating them to employees within your team.  

The biggest advantage here is the cost, there isn’t one! The 5 licenses are available per org in the Performance, Enterprise and Unlimited editions. There’s also one included with every Developer Edition org. After the first 5 are used you can purchase extra licenses for $10 per user, per month, making it much cheaper than a full Salesforce license.  

How do I implement the new licenses? 

You can view all the licenses available to you in the company information in your org. Below is how to find and implement them in 5 easy steps 

Step 1

Create a new user and assign the Integration User License and Integration profile. Alternatively, if you are using a license for an integration already you can update the license/profile but note that your integration will break until you have completed step 3.

Set the users email to an address you have access to so you can set the password.  

Step 2

Set the password. Note this is the last thing you’ll be able to do in the UI for this user.  

Step 3

Create a permission set to allow access to the relevant objects and fields. (You can also clone the profile if required but it might be more manageable to have 1 license and a permission set per integration). Assign the permission set.  

Step 4

Update integrations  

Step 5

Let management know how much money you’ve saved them and bask in the glow of their praise

Alternatively, if you’d like some guidance contact us and we can help ensure you’re making the most out of your current licenses. 

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