Salesforce Investment...

into the UK

As the UK sees an increased demand for CRM and Salesforce year on year, so does the need for qualified Consultants, Developers and Admins. Evidence of the commitment Salesforce has shown towards our Isles is supplemented with plans to open a second data centre in 2019. Over a period of 5 years, Salesforce has pledged to invest £1.9 bn ($2.5 bn), to help growth, innovation and customer success in the UK.


Salesforce is experiencing rapid growth in the UK. Salesforce is the #1 Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management market share leader worldwide and the #1 Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management in the UK based on 2017 total software revenue, according to Gartner. This experience has resulted in many businesses from SMEs to blue chips turning towards Salesforce for their CRM needs. This snowball effect has key growth benefits for the UK:

  • Direct job creation – the ever expanding Salesforce customer base and partner community is expected to create more than 329,000 direct and indirect jobs. This is a huge injection into the UK economy and will help reduce the unemployment rate and increase GDP growth.
  • GDP growth – the increased investment, Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners in the UK is expected to generate more than $65 billion of net new business revenues by 2022.
  • Business innovation – Investment generates money for innovation which is a factor for increasing economic growth.


Innovation is the heart of everything Salesforce does The company’s huge success originates from creating new, fresh technology which differentiates from everything else in the market. The capital investment pledged from Salesforce will help to encourage innovation, help promote lower costs in the UK economy and improve dynamic efficiency. The resulting goods and services will encourage further investment into our economy.


The growth of Salesforce in the UK is positively affecting everyone, and not only just the business owners and users of the CRM platform. Over $1.5 million in grants has already been donated to communities in the UK and the future promises an increase in these donations! The main beneficiaries have been STEM education programmes and workforce development with the aim of helping young people of all ages with free online learning. These young people can look forward to increased employment opportunities and a brighter future.

UK Customer Success Stories

To read about some of the UK businesses benefiting from Salesforce, from the likes of Aston Martin in the motor trade industry through to Ocado, an online supermarket., follow the link below: