Salesforce Winter ’19 Highlights

by bash

Salesforce Winter ’19 Highlights

by bash

by bash

With the release of Winter 19, we bring you some of our highlights that we feel will help customers with their Salesforce journey.

Here are some of our favourite key features:
  • Sales Cloud

    – Email Integration for Outlook

  • Service Cloud

    – Help Center Template

  • Marketing Cloud

    – Social Studio

Sales Cloud

Salesforce email integration for outlook

In the Microsoft store, the listing for Lightning for Outlook is now called Salesforce. The integration brings sales reps the Salesforce experience within Microsoft® Outlook®, whether they’re set up to use standard features or premium Inbox features. Benefits of this single solution will help with productivity and save time by:

  • Increase user adoption
  • Increase the ability to sell faster
  • Keep Salesforce data up to date
  • Schedule emails to send at a certain time

Service Cloud

Help Center Template

The Help Center template offers a public-facing, self-service portal where guest users can search your knowledge base for answers to their questions. It reduces the load on your customer support staff and gives customers the satisfaction of finding their own solutions. Key features include:

  • Ready-made template
  • Guided setup configuration
  • Publicly accessible
  • Self-service
  • Curated—you decide which of your Knowledge articles is shared


Support your customers on the digital channels they love. LiveMessage in Lightning Experience makes it easy and convenient for customers to get support when they need it using text messaging and Facebook Messenger. Agents can work seamlessly across channels in the Service Console that they are already familiar with.

Support Your Customers with Text Messaging and Facebook Messenger

Customers can use text messages and Facebook Messenger to conveniently contact your support center to get their issues resolved. Agents can use LiveMesssage to respond from the Lightning Service Console, so they can support customers while having all the benefits and information of Service Cloud at their fingertips. Use the guided flow to set up messaging.

Set Up LiveMessage with a Guided Setup Flow

Give your customers a convenient way to communicate by adding SMS text messaging and Facebook Messenger to your support channels. Use the LiveMessage guided setup flow to get started. You can choose which channels to add and whether to set up Omni-Channel to route incoming messages to your support team.

Set Customer Expectations with Automated Response Messages

Use predefined automated responses to set the tone for your agents’ conversations with customers. The Chat Acknowledgment message is sent in reply to a customer’s initial text message and assures customers that their messages got through. Send automated messages when agents accept and end messaging sessions, when customers consent to receiving messages from your company, and when they revoke consent.

Customize Automated SMS Opt-In and Opt-Out Messages

When a customer sends an SMS text message to your company, LiveMessage replies with an automated message confirming that the customer consents to communicating by SMS. Customers can choose to opt in to receive messages or opt out by replying with a keyword, such as “STOP.” LiveMessage then sends an automated message that acknowledges the customer’s preference. Salesforce provides default text for the opt-in and opt-out messages, and you can customize them to better suit your company’s branding and tone.

Keep Customers in the Know with Automatic Text Message Notifications

Use LiveMessage to automatically send SMS text message notifications to customers based on certain events. Personalize the message by inserting merge fields to fill in variables such as the customer’s name or the case status. You can also use Process Builder to define a process that sends the message when certain criteria are met. For example, you can create a process that texts the customer when the status field on the customer’s case changes.
Send and Receive Images and File Attachments with SMS Text Messaging and Facebook Messenger

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Agents and customers can get straight to the point by sending images and files in an SMS message and Facebook Messenger.

Marketing Cloud

Social studio: real time reports

An important part to marketing is staying informed and up to date with relevant topics and brand conversions. You can now create triggered alerts based on key words and phrases. Follow and keep up to date with everything relevant to your company, from major social media influencers to people posting about your company or talking about relevant topics.

Social studio: inbound/outbound

Now within social studio you can comment and reply to your customers on social media. You can moderate comments and replies on Instagram from your business account, making the process quicker and more efficient. Social studio now can modify what you see and only show you posts which are posting to your brand or your own posts. This is great for people who just want to see what is important and specific to you!

Pardot in lightning experience

Pardot in lightning experience provides marketers with a 360-degree view of their customers which will help to: nurture leads, maximise ROI and close more deals. With Salesforce campaigns, marketers now have increased report functionality and an increased level of insight into the campaign health. With campaign path, marketers can create a customisable path for every different campaign and organise information accordingly. From here, you can create stages as: planned, in progress, approved, completed, cancelled and complete. Everyone on the campaign will also have access to B2B analytics.

Lightning Experience

Density settings

With the new Winter ’19 release, the density of your Salesforce screens can now be changed for users. As well as the “comfy view” which customers will be familiar with there is also a “compact view” option. This will enable you to see more on your screen with a compacted view and there will be a lot less white space! With the “compact view” users can now access 30% more views on a single page, which is perfect for those who hate switching between each tab.
Quick search

With quick search for reports and dashboards it is easy to find data within the context of reports and dashboard tabs. Now you can find what you need faster than ever before! Quick search is available to all users and it applies to the lightning experience. One thing to remember… quick search only shows the first 20 results. However, if there are more results, you will be notified!

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