Creating a single view of the learner and learner programme journey

Shannon Trust



Creating a single view of the learner and learner programme journey

Shannon Trust



by Laura Tattersall

Shannon Trust is a registered charity that works across all prisons in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to train and encourage those who can read, to teach those who can’t. They have also recently launched a maths programme that’s based on the same principle. As well as helping thousands of people in prison to learn, Shannon Trust also works with organisations in the community to offer reading and maths support to those who need it.

The Goal: Extend and scale architecture, standardise onboarding and streamline grants application process

The NimbusPoint Solution

Shannon Trust used Salesforce for managing their reading programme within prisons. Looking for Salesforce support to scale services into an equivalent maths programme, NimbusPoint were asked to extend the existing functionality to both reading and maths programmes. Additionally, our consultants supported the further development of ‘activity registers’ to track learners’ development against programmes and programmes with each prison. The development of these activity registers helped the Trust assist multi-programme enrolment for both maths and reading, giving support to the prison, the prison mentors and each learner.

Fund management and grant requests are key for Shannon Trust. With no automated process in place to manage grant applications, the charity needed the ability to track donations, and respective payments, from multiple donation sources. NimbusPoint created processes for managing grant applications, streamlining the end-to-end application process and providing complete visibility to the charity.

The Outcome

Shannon Trust can now view every learner, learner progress, and learners against each programme on a monthly basis.  Reporting on historical data, learner demographics such as age, ethnicity, gender, month-on-month performance reporting, and measuring programme success are now all possible. Grant applications, application tracking, and managing funds are all possible from a single platform with real-time updates and notifications.

Providing a 360-degree real-time view of all learners, and automating processes, has enabled the charity to improve services and become more efficient. Data is no longer fragmented and is easy to access across the organisation, with real-time reports in place to allow employees to see performance at any time.

“We were delighted to work with NimbusPoint to help take our data reporting capabilities to the next level. Being able to report consistently and accurately on our reading and maths programmes has given us essential insight into the reach and impact of our work

Chris Morgan, Director of Business Support,  Shannon Trust

A system that provides a 360° view of all learners

Streamlined grants applications process

Real-time metrics to track learner progress

Ability to report on historical data, learner demographics and month-on-month performance

The Result: A single view of the learner and learner programme journey, efficient grant application process and real-time metrics to track learner progress

Quick Facts: The Challenge, Solution and Results

  • Limited resource to support the maths arm of the programme 
  • Little insight into learner numbers across each prison with limited view on learner progress
  • Fragmanted data and stand-alone sources
  • Non-standard onboarding process(s)
  • Provision of Shannon Trust maths programme through a reconfigured Sales Cloud
  • Improved grants application process through restructured processes 
  • Standardised learner and mentor onboarding process through creation of learner activity registers 
  • Improved data cohesion, increased data visibility and management intelligence across learners, mentors and organisations
  • Removal of stand-alone data, siloed data sources and reduced reliance on fragmented data
  • Streamlined grants application process 
  • Improved MIS allowing the charity to make more informed strategic decisions

“Helping Shannon Trust improve data quality and streamline their reporting capabilities has been incredibly rewarding. They are now fully equipped to track their learners’ progress towards both their maths and reading qualifications. I’m pleased we’ve been able to make a difference in the way Shannon Trust are able to deliver life changing skills to their learners.

Chris McKnight, Salesforce Consultant at NimbusPoint