Why use a Salesforce Partner

by bash

Why use a Salesforce Partner

by bash

by bash

After making your initial Salesforce investment it can be daunting knowing where to go next and what exactly you should be doing. A Salesforce Partner can help.

Let us guide you on the benefits of using a partner such as NimbusPoint.

It can be tempting to self implement Salesforce without a partner. Although there may appear to be initial quick wins, you maybe missing out on the expertise and experience which would guide you through any issues or obstacles. Being Salesforce experts means that Partners can often pre-empt any design flaws before they even occur, ensuring a smooth delivery so that you can benefit sooner than later.

Partners will ensure you make the correct decisions at every stage of your implementation and answer all your questions as they arise.

Here we focus on 3 key benefits of using an accredited Salesforce Partner:

1. Better Adoption Rates

New systems often require good change management to overcome adoption issues. Partners will bring the experience from many successful Salesforce roll outs and help you overcome challenges you may face. This experience is backed by certified consultants with have both breadth and depth of specialist knowledge.

Partners will also ensure there is adequate tailored training in place for your staff to become experts quickly and proficiently.

2. Value Added Experience and Future Proofing

Understanding the terminology and the ins and outs of Salesforce is key to making your implementation successful. Salesforce partners live, breathe and sleep Salesforce, making them the perfect tool to use to optimise your return on investment. Partners will bring specialisms in industry verticals ensuring they add value to your business irrespective of the the size and scope of the project.

Partners are scored on their delivery of projects by customers and you can see how the partner is rated. The right partner will not only help you with your current implementation, but also use their expertise to plan for the long term. Having built a good relationship with a partner means they are are always available to help you with any new beneficial features Salesforce may release.

3. Tailoring Salesforce To Your Business

Every Salesforce implementation is different, and every organisation will have different desired goals and outcomes. The highly customisable nature of Salesforce allows organisations to have solution that is personalised and fits perfectly for your needs. Whether is is functional configuration for quick powerful tailoring or requires bespoke code for complex solutions, the partner will have the know how to get the best solution delivered for you.


If you’re interested in using a Salesforce partner, here  at NimbusPoint we have experienced consultants who are proven experts with several years’ experience. Explore our customer success stories to discover how we’ve helped businesses similar to yours make the most out of their Salesforce investment, or contact us for an informal chat about how we can help.