10 Years of NimbusPoint: Looking back, and moving forward

by bash

10 Years of NimbusPoint: Looking back, and moving forward

by bash

by bash

Reflecting on the past 10 years – the challenges, accomplishments and values that drive us forward, and what’s next for NimbusPoint.

This is a watershed moment for NimbusPoint! We celebrated our 10th birthday last week. Despite the unexpected obstacles posed by the pandemic, we’re glad to announce that this has been one of our best periods at NimbusPoint, and it’s a fantastic moment to reflect on our journey thus far, the lessons we’ve learned, and celebrate our accomplishments.

Our History

NimbusPoint came together as a result of Parminder Bharath, Mobashar Shaffiq, Colin Kenworthy and Sarah Brock, the 4 founders, who are still a key part of the company today. They recognised that with their collective experience in various IT backgrounds, they could deliver and set-up a Salesforce Consultancy that could not only implement Salesforce solutions, but develop long-lasting customer relationships and top-quality customer service while doing so. Their vision was to become a go-to specialist Salesforce Consultancy across specific industry verticals, providing expert Salesforce product knowledge and continuous learning through their customer experiences.

“With very few Salesforce services outside London at the time, NimbusPoint presented an opportunity to create a consultation and delivery service to Salesforce and its customers in the North of England. The talent pool is immense, and being able to offer opportunities for local people to cross-train and develop skills in an ever-growing eco-system is something I am hugely proud of. The results have been amazing!”

Parminder Bharath, NimbusPoint’s Business Development Director

The NimbusPoint Team

At NimbusPoint, we have an exceptional team made up of talented, capable indiviudals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our first employee, Amanda O’Gorman, (Senior Salesforce Consultant), has been with us from the beginning, saying, “After hearing about Salesforce from my partner, I joined NimbusPoint, who supported me in learning about Salesforce and providing me with training. I really enjoy the family-feel at NimbusPoint, and even though we’ve grown, we still feel like an intimate company”.

Renee Hughes, (Salesforce Consultant), says, “I have worked for Nimbuspoint for 2 ½ years now. I started off as a nervous, (slightly) mature graduate, but feel now I am a million miles away from the person I was then, and this is thanks to the Nimbuspoint team.

As a junior, I was always comfortable speaking to everyone, from the other Consultants to Project Managers, up to the Directors. Everyone is supportive, patient and understanding.

Nimbuspoint is an incredible team to work for, we honestly have fun together, work hard together, and grow together. I can’t see myself working anywhere else for a very long time. Thank you for everything Nimbuspoint!”.

NimbusPoint Values

In addition to reflecting our competencies as Salesforce experts, our employees also reflect our company values:

  • Being honest and truthful with our customers
  • Empowering our customers with our expert Salesforce knowledge
  • Growing and supporting each other to be the best we can be
  • Striving to be the best

“I’ve been with NimbusPoint for close to 5 years now, and something I’ve noticed, compared to other companies I’ve worked for, is the support everyone here at NimbusPoint receives to help us grow as individuals. I’ve had the chance to work in multiple roles in the company, hone my skills, and explore avenues in areas I would otherwise never have had the chance to experience. All of this is thanks to our working environment which promotes continuous growth, not only through the roles that are available today, but looking at where we might want to be in the future. It is really invaluable to have that kind of encouragement and support”

Alexander Walden, Solution Engineer

10 Years of NimbusPoint: The Numbers

Our Year in 2021

Undeniably, a key part of the year has been the COVID-19 pandemic, overshadowing everyone’s lives over this difficult time. But NimbusPoint rose to the occasion and made this one of best-ever years.

We recognised that the pandemic provided challenges for those who wanted to enter the world of Salesforce, but high barriers to entry coupled with uncertainty made this difficult to achieve. So, early this year, we launched our NimbusPoint Graduate Recruitment Scheme to support new graduates looking for employment.

“As a graduate, it’s hard to know what to expect from your first employer. Having worked at NimbusPoint for only a short while, I’m delighted to have been afforded so many opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects. Alongside project work, I have also been able to pass both my Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant certifications and am now working towards my Education Cloud Consultant certification. My favourite aspect of life at NimbusPoint, besides the legendary office snack basket, is always feeling valued as a member of the team; working at NimbusPoint has helped me to kick-start my career with confidence.”

Hattie Nash, Junior Salesforce Consultant

In terms of projects, 2021 has been one of our busiest, but best years, so far. We have delivered our first Local Government Salesforce Implementation for Guildford Borough Council, and we’re in discussions with other councils about implementing similar solutions, using our experience and technical know-how. For more information, you can read our in-depth Case Study here.

We’ve also been working closely with the Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC), to deliver a multi-cloud Salesforce Solution across over 20 other countries around the world. The project, still ongoing, has been a huge success so far as we roll-out the comprehensive design across the globe – all through combining our agile methodology know-how and remote-working experience.

A part of our charitable efforts this year, we‘ve joined the Pledge 1% movement, supporting our chosen charity, the British Asian Trust, supporting women in South Asia be free from poverty and equip women with the new skills, knowledge and confidence needed to earn a decent living in a post-COVID world. We look forward to working with the charity closely next year to help them achieve their goals.

Going forwards: 2022, and beyond

Over the next 10 years, we see a number of challenges and opportunities ahead of us and the Salesforce ecosystem.

Within our customer base, we noticed (much like ourselves) that they were being faced with unprecedented obstacles in the form of the pandemic. We were always impressed by how our clients reacted and overcame these challenges, all with one aim in mind: to serve their customers and achieve their missions, no matter the obstacles.

With the pandemic still taking place, and being likely to have ongoing, lasting implications, many of our clients battle for those they serve, and to achieve their objectives. We’re proud of the work that NimbusPoint has performed in the last two years, and still does, to assist those organisations in achieving their objectives. We all share a mutual goal — their continued success – and we have a special place in helping businesses achieve their goals.

On that note, for NimbusPoint ourselves, one of our main challenges is continually delivering the best customer experience and advice for our Salesforce client. With Salesforce implementing new features and updates to its products on a seasonal basis, as a Consultancy, we have a responsibility to keep fully up-to-date and cognisant of what is out there and available to our customers. So, here at NimbusPoint, we’re investing in our employees and empowering them to take the time they need to fully upskill and train on Salesforce.

We’re also looking to increase our headcount by up to 25%. We are continuing to retain people from the local talent pool, and introduce people from all backgrounds in life into the Salesforce eco-system.  in order to increase our talent pool and be able to deliver more projects,

Going forwards, as we adapt to the changes by the pandemic, we are continually listening to our employees and their needs, and making changes to make life better for everyone at NimbusPoint.

Thank You

Finally, to our customer and colleagues, thank you for all your continued support over the years, without whom NimbusPoint would not be where it is today!